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A Short History of Rosalind Park

Located in the very heart of Bendigo on the corner of View Street and Pall Mall, Rosalind Park is one of Bendigo’s most-loved attractions.

Prior to the goldrush, the area was home to a grassy woodland lining the Bendigo Creek and boasting a chain of deep freshwater pools – an important source of food and water for the Dja Dja Wurrung people. The 1851 goldrush then saw the site transformed into the local Government Camp where it became the focus of public life and administration – shallow shafts, mullock heaps and pudding mills among its defining characteristics.



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rosalind park bendigo

What To Do at Rosalind Park

Today, Rosalind Park serves as an ideal place for rest, exploration, picnic or play. With 60 acres of grassy open spaces, lush leafy trees, its own playground, ornate statues, and beautiful gardens, people of all ages can visit year-round.

The park features a number of attractions including the Camp Hill Primary School playground, The Poppet Head Lookout Tower with views over Bendigo, an urban forest of elms, oaks, Queensland kauri and Australian teak, as well as a cool, lush fernery, Chinese gardens, the iconic Queen Victoria Gardens featuring Queen Victoria’s statue, the Conservatory gardens and the three Bendigo sister-city gardens. While the children’s playground is only open outside of school hours, all other attractions are accessible at any time, and without an entry fee.

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Events at Rosalind Park

Throughout the year, Rosalind Park also serves as a hub for festivals and events, its central location perfect for all sorts of festivities and recreational activities. In the wintertime, the park lights up as part of Bendigo Ignite, with audio-visual installations bringing the gardens to life and injecting warmth and vibrancy into an otherwise chilly season. During summer, a number of music events take place in celebration of the warmer months, and the autumn season sees horticulturists plant thousands of tulip bulbs to create a brilliant floral display for the community to enjoy once springtime comes.

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How to Get to Rosalind Park from Bendigo Ernest Hotel

Literally a hop, skip and jump away from Rosalind Park, Hotel Ernest guests are perfectly positioned to enjoy all the best that the space has to offer. The sprawling, sun-kissed gardens back onto the hotel, so your stay can be enriched by panoramic views and your afternoons can be spent basking away under the sun or the stars before your return to home base.

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Where to stay in Bendigo?

In order to honour the city’s commitment to art and culture, the Bendigo Ernest Hotel merges voguish interior design with an intentional showcase of exquisite art, thereby fashioning a unique experience where guests are truly surrounded by the wonders of creativity.
A stay at the Bendigo Ernest Hotel will perfectly round off your Bendigo arts-based itinerary, not only because of the hotel’s close proximity to the Art Gallery, but because of its commitment to celebrating arts and culture.
Create yourself an entire cultural experience with a ticket to one of the current exhibitions, or simply take a wander through the permanent collections before finding your place amidst the creative surrounds of the Bendigo Ernest Hotel itself where you can while the rest of the day away in a calm and restorative space.
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Bendigo Ernest Hotel is an immersive experience that combines historic grandeur with modern features. Boasting 10 individualised suites, each room is adorned with alluring Australian art and swept with contemporary aesthetics, luxurious bedding, and designer furnishings – combining to forge a memorable and bespoke stay and perfectly complementing one’s visit to the Bendigo Art Gallery. Hotel check-in is after 2pm. To ensure a smooth and personalised experience, Bendigo Ernest Hotel provides each guest with a unique check-in service complete with a building tour, porter service and a guide of their suite. Complimentary off-street parking is also available at the rear of the building. To view booking terms and conditions click here.

Suite 1: Robin Wallace-Crabbe

Suite 2: The Writer’s Room

Suite 3: The Arts Project

Suite 4: Heather B Swann

Suite 5: James Meldrum

Suite 6: Grand Parkview

Suite 7: Michael Georgetti

Suite 8: Pilven Triptych

Suite 9: Richard Birmingham

Suite 10: Patrick Henigan

ROsalind park Bendigo

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